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Specializing in fancy cut shapes, Avnit is a family business established in 1967 by Avraham Bernat and his wife Ilana.

More then 40 years of experience, our tradition of meticulousness and commitment to constant development has made Avnit renowned for its supreme make of fancy cut shape and consistent assortments.

Now, led by the second generation Avnit is motivated by professionalism and most of all excellence. Avnit is a dynamic market oriented company that keeps its customers needs its top priority, attending to their changing needs and providing them with a range of solutions.

Avnit manufactures Ovals, Pear and Marquise cut diamonds in varied qualities that rang in size from 1/6 of a ct and up to 6 ct stones. We also hold a wide range of Rounds, Princess, Emerald & Radians certified or in parcels.

Constant suppliers of rough diamonds allow us to manufacture the same quality diamonds time after time while manufacturing with high technology equipment allows us to offer our clients assortments homogenous in sizes and shapes.

To our jewelry customers we are able to offer layouts in necklaces, bracelets and earrings designed to give them the maximum in pricing and visual impact.

We ensure our clients' satisfaction with stock which is constant as it is varied. Once you put your trust in us you are sure to get the same uncompromising quality time after time.