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The cut:
A master cutter takes the rough diamonds and uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver sparkling perfection. With 56 facets of sheer brilliance the Euphora® diamond has been designed and cut to perfect proportions
The shape:
Our patented design successfully blends the sophistication of a step-cut diamond with the sparkle and fire of a brilliant-cut diamond.
The Euphora® diamond captures the essence of utmost elegance and generates a dazzling spectacle of light. 

The top:
The top of the Euphora® contains 24-step-cut facets which originate at the corners and reach the stone's table.
The dramatic positioning of the angle of each facet creates a small table that concentrates the light and releases it from the top of the stone for a maximum play of light.
The bottom:
the bottom of the Euphora® has 32 brilliant-cut facets that create an impressive star formation and produce an enchanting spectacle of fiery brilliance never before seen in any other diamond. 

Prism effect:
The unique combination of a step top and a brilliant bottom allows the white light that enters the stone to exit a prism-like fashion, displaying a rainbow of colors, that create a diamond so breathtaking it raises
brilliance to a whole new level.